SPM + Private Coaching Hybrid Upgrade

Your Investment ~ $400.00 / month

The Sacred Pleasure Membership + Private Coaching Hybrid is perfect if you aren’t quite ready for Private Coaching but still want some personalized private support each month.

The Sacred Pleasure Membership is packed full of turn-on, sensuality, reconnecting to the oracle between your thighs, honouring your sovereignty, while reclaiming your sacred pleasure and unapologetic power.

In the Private Coaching Hybrid Upgrade, you receive a 90-minute Private Coaching Call with Kim each month along with your Sacred Pleasure Membership. Β Giving you 2 group and 1 private call each month.

We will deep dive into whatever you’d like to in your 90-minute Private Coaching Session. Some examples are…reconnecting to your body, reclaiming your pleasure, exploring your sexuality, releasing blocks where you are feeling stuck, breathwork, embodiment, somatic healing or going deeper on a monthly theme in the SPM, it is all welcome…or simply show up and allow me to guide you toward your desires.

This upgrade option is for people who are already in the Sacred Pleasure Membership.

You will receive a booking link to schedule your Private Coaching Sessions when they work for you.

No long-term commitment, cancel at any time.

Note: unused sessions cannot be carried over beyond 30 days.

Space is limited for these Private Coaching Hybrids.


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