Have you slipped into caretaker, mom, wife, biz womxn, rona resenter mode and lost your sexy aka your pleasure, turn-on, excitement and joy?

Have you forgotten the last time you had fun, relaxed fully, self-pleasured or had sex? Or maybe it’s so vanilla you wished you could forget?

Do you feel stuck, stressed, numb and want more now?

Work with me privately & I will share my top secrets for how I went from the miserable resentful wife and mom who could barely squeeze in a shower to the mom who self-pleasures on the daily, teaches her kids how to be sexually liberated, and runs a successful coaching business using the power of my turn-on to fuel it all.

I’ll take you from the stressed out womxn who never makes time for herself, to feeling sexy, confident, alive & clear in your boundaries that feel good to you.

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Hi I’m Kim!

I used to feel like I was living in survival mode & like I was constantly trying to keep my head above water.

Between 3 kids, each in sports, homework, meals, my biz & my “relationship” with my husband, life as Kim knew it…was a mess.

I was exhausted, stressed, very numb, frustrated & “secretly” not happy. Ya know, the kind where people ask you how your are & you never actually tell them?

This was quickly followed by guilt for not loving everything I already had.   

Then, I found a new way…

A way to reconnect and come back to myself, to be in my pleasure & to trust my deep intuition. To trust what was always there.

This new way allows me to reground ANYTIME I WANT.

When I am having a busy day.
When I am stressed.
When things feel too heavy.

This new way empowers me to live a turned on life, go after all of my dreams & all of my desires. I no longer live to see my kid’s dreams come true…I’m not making mine a priority too.

I teach women who are exhausted, numb & stuck in their heads, reconnect to their bodies, experience more pleasure, feel sexy, alive, confident & free.

I am passionate about leading a life based on pleasure, flow & tapping into the divine feminine…aka pussy, as my power source. Because when pussy is your power source, you move from stuck, drained & fed up to feeling confident, sexy, alive & clear on what you want.

My purpose is to teach women how to break free of their conditioning, turn-off that annoying inner critic, release patterns of judgement & shame, connect to the inner core of WHO YOU ARE & by doing so…take your POWER back.

I look forward to TURNING YOU ON with my signature Sexy-Back approach!

What if you could be a mom, business owner, wife, and all the things WHILE feeling totally sexy and turned on?

Why does it matter?

Because our sexy is our super power. Our turn-on is our superpower. It is our access to purpose, pleasure and fulfillment.

Aka no more empty success, going through the motions and people pleasing to get through the day.

My Signature Sexy Back Approach is for any womxn who wants to show up Secretly Sexy or Living Out Loud with purpose!

You stop feeling guilty. You feel alive, grounded & free. You embrace your feminine power. You feel supported & seen. You heal. You transform your life. And you Reconnect with WHO YOU ARE.

Outcomes from Kim’s signature Sexy-Back approach

You have connected to the inner core and truth of who YOU are.

You’ve healed your triggers & released your fears & anxiety that were holding your back. You have fully Stepped into Your Power.

You feel grounded, balanced & alive. As a result you are empowered to go after all of your desires. Like that career you’ve always wanted, the relationship/romance & anything else you’ve put on the back burner up until now.

You have found your voice & you unapologetically stand tall in your Yes’s & your No’s. You have stopped playing small & you are back in the driver’s seat of your life.

You have reconnected with your entire body & your emotions, including your dark emotions. Like fear, rage, grief & everything else you’ve shoved down…because when we feel our darkness, we can also feel way more JOY.

You are no longer NUMB, instead you feel AWAKE & ALIVE. This propels you forward & gives you so much energy.

You have tapped into your Sensuality, your Intimacy with yourself & transformed your relationships. You are playing at a completely different level. Ecstasy here we come!

You feel confident that if you are having a difficult day that you know what to do to take care of yourself & stay grounded.

You have stopped “going through the motions” & you now are Present in your day to day.

You have turned-on, lit-up & you now stand-tall for everything you desire and the life you are creating. Say Goodbye to second guessing & guilt!

You feel like a NEW woman! You have “Got Your Sexy Back” & your future looks phenomenal. You are aware of everything you desire & you are in alignment with your purpose.

You have learned how to Receive & you are living your life with Intention & Pleasure!

You don’t hold back going after anything!

Common Desires Clients Hire Kim for…

Strengthen their Relationships

Attract the Partner of their Dreams

Increase their Intimacy

To learn how to be Present & feel Grounded Everyday

Become more Sensual & FEEL more Sexy (even in menopause)

Love what they see in the MIRROR

Create a DEEPER understanding & CONNECTION to their body

To reduce Anxiety & to FEEL happy again

Gain clarity in the partnership they are in

Move forward after Divorce

To become Orgasmic (or more Orgasmic)

To learn how to FEEL Pleasure in their body

Want to feel Energized, Empowered & Alive

Take all areas of their life TO THE NEXT LEVEL

Because…you just want MORE

Let’s Go Get Her!

This IS for you if…

You want a personalized program with made for you practices & embodiment tools

You want to achieve your desires FASTER

You want my undivided attention on what is coming up for you & you alone

Check-lists & knowing exactly what YOU should do turns you on! {or you know you need it}

You want to be heard & supported in a safe container

You want MORE Accountability

You want to reduce anxiety & learn ways to thrive

You want to feel balanced, grounded & ALIVE

You want to feel confident in your body, your sensuality & your sexuality

You want to take control of your life & your health

You want feel energized, motivated & empowered

You crave MORE…you know you have untapped potential

You want to take all areas of your life HIGHER…You want to Create a LIFE you LOVE

This IS NOT for you if…

You want more, but you DON’T want to do the work & get uncomfortable

You are not open to hearing where you are holding yourself back

You are looking for the next best thing, but you probably won’t follow through

You are addicted to the adrenaline rush of WORK, WORK, WORK & GO, GO, GO and you want to keep doing it that way

You love the patriarchal culture, telling you what a “GOOD GIRL” should do

You ENJOY playing small, constantly judging yourself

You DON’T want to make yourself a priority

Private One-on-One Coaching 

~ 6 month Private Coaching Container

~ 60 minute Weekly Coaching sessions tailored to you & what is feeling alive for you each week.

~ All via Online Video Calls.

~ Supporting & Partnering with you, taking a stand for your Desires.

~ Super Safe & Supportive Space with TONS of Accountability

~ With Private Coaching you have my full attention to uncover & clear what is in your way & holding you back.

~ Accountability for you to show up, so you can achieve the REALITY of your Desires.

~ Made for you practices, embodiment tools, & homework to allow you to get to where you want to go faster.

~ I promise to introduce you to things that push your edges so you can grow, uncover what is underneath & reclaim your life.

~ 100% judgement free container filled with safety & love

Message from Kim…

I am a somatic trauma informed empowerment & sexuality coach with a specialty in sex, love, realtionships & empowerment.

The base of all my coaching brings sensuality, sexuality, embodiment, pleasure, sexy self-care, boundaries and mindset all into one program.

You can expect a ripple effect with this work, moving through all areas of your life.

Your partnerships, your connection with yourself {and your body}, your relationships with your family, your friendships, your finances, your career, your magnetism on the whole & so much more.

When we become aligned with our desires, with our purpose, our energy increases & everything else gets easier!

Not sure yet if we are a good fit? Great! Book a complimentary, no pressure, discovery call with me & let’s talk.

Either way, you will leave with much more clarity around what it is you really want.

We gotta do sexy sh{it} to get our sexy back….let me show you how with my 7-step framework!

Can’t wait to get started…Excellent! Register Below & I will be in touch shortly!

I look forward to working with you & turning you ON!

Payment Option

$1,400per month for 6 Months

Ext. Payment Option

$944per month for 9 Months

If you have any problems completing your order online, contact Kim at [email protected]