Bonus: Sacred Pleasure Playshop TEST

Audio of Pleasure Practice

Journalling prompts

You will be guided through these journalling prompts in the video version of the bonus Playshop

How do you currently define pleasure?

What is your current pathway to pleasure? How do you connect with your pleasure?   Daily, monthly, not at all?

Does it need to have things just right, with a partner, without?  

What is a way that you could expand your definition of pleasure to be more inclusive?

What does it mean for you to practice “goal-less pleasure and goal less sex?”

What supports you to experience and expand your sacred pleasure?  Music, feathers, toys, Massage oil, Essential Oils, soft fabrics, body love.  Anything that will support you to expand your sacred pleasure.  I like to lock my doors, put out a sign and play music in my room to give me sound privacy.

So, for todays Sacred Pleasure Practice, I invite you to set a desire of your next level of pleasure… what would that be?

What do you desire your sacred pleasure to look like?