Healing and Shadow

Healing and shadow work is incredible.  But did you know that you should do 2 pleasure practices for every 1 healing and releasing session you have?

It’s important to resource your body and mix pleasure in to calm your nervous system and build safety & trust in your body.

We all need lots of delicious grounding time for ourselves.

Think of it as your gas tank.

Keep it at full and top it off often and you will stay much more regulated when shit hits the fan.

This can be…

💫 Regular pleasure practices

💫 Jade Egg practices a couple times a week 

💫 A long luxurious bath

💫 A nap in the middle of the day

💫 Saying “No” to something that doesn’t make you feel good

💫 Putting your feet in the grass

💫 Sensual intuitive dance

💫 Slowing down

These are all options + many more.

I have “pleasure practice” on my phone calendar every single day. Sometimes I move it around, but it is there to remind me.

Even a pleasure queen 👸 needs a reminder.

Then each day I decide what my body wants and needs the most right now. 

What will you do today?